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There has always been one thing that I have been confused about. Why did they get a new actress to play vivian in the later seasons?
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Well, according to the magical Internet world of ...

The part of Aunt Vivian Banks was portrayed by two different actresses during the series run. Janet Hubert-Whitten portrayed the original Vivian during seasons 1-3, but growing problems between Will Smith, the producers, and Hubert-Whitten caused her to depart in 1994. The producers offered Hubert-Whitten a 12/25 contract for season four, but she declined. Daphne Maxwell Reid replaced her in the role from 1994-1996, seasons 4-6.
too bad, I always thought the first vivian was great, the second .. not so much, but that's just me
There were problems between her and the rest of the cast members. Also, Will told Janet Hubert-Whitten to leave.